Sin and the Sea

I was with a friend and her mom a couple months ago when the Lord gave me the simplest revelation I’ve had in a long time.

My friend’s mom was telling us about her sister who can’t remember much from her early life because of a childhood illness. She told us that she liked to tell her sister about all of the things they used to do as kids, even the things they weren’t supposed to do. When she would tell her sister about that stuff, her sister would reply, “We never did that,” and she meant it. In her mind, it never happened, whether it really did or not.

Then I heard the Lord say, Continue reading “Sin and the Sea”

Big Big Families

 I grew up in a pretty big family. I’m number 5 of 7 kids. My parents are divorced and both are remarried, which adds another level of extended family on both sides. I always felt like I had a big family, especially compared to other people who were, for example, only children.

But then the Lord did something. I think this whole thing started about two years ago. My husband’s dad had died recently, and we had discovered I was pregnant. We had friends coming out of the woodwork to come alongside us and support us through all of it. I realized something that I thought I had always known, but I guess had never experienced before: Continue reading “Big Big Families”

Give Thanks ALWAYS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that we set aside a day each year to declare all that we are thankful for. Gratefulness is really important.

1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.”

I’ve learned to be thankful for the little things in the course of my 24 years. I’m not perfect, and I probably complain more than I talk about being thankful, but progress…right?

Reading this verse challenged me today. It says, Continue reading “Give Thanks ALWAYS!!!”

Time Don’t Lie

The title just felt right to me even though the grammar makes me feel like I’m dying a little inside.

I’ve been convicted of a lot of things in the last year (by the Holy Spirit, not the legal system for clarification), and time is one of those things.

If you would ask me what are the 5 most important priorities (things, people, values, etc) in my life I would say the following: Continue reading “Time Don’t Lie”

What’s in A Name?

When I decided to start blogging, I thought, “Okay, I need to come up with a clever name that makes sense and isn’t the title of 5,000 other blogs. Also, I want it to be about Jesus.”

**Cue looking up all of my favorite Bible verses trying to decide which ones could be the title of a blog.**

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

I think the Lord is going to be revealing more and more to me why this verse made a perfect fit for the title of my blog as time goes on, but I want to share my initial thoughts on why I chose it.

My life, which you’ll get to know a whole lot more about, hasn’t been the easiest. I have experienced Continue reading “What’s in A Name?”

Life: The Post Baby Body

Writing about my life in regards to my son is easy and difficult all at the same time. The words come easy, so it makes for a quick post, and it helps me to gain perspective on things to put everything down on (virtual) paper. But then the emotions flood in, and it hurts a little…sometimes a lot. I won’t shy away from it, though. I’ve decided I will write about all parts of life, and I feel like, today, this is my story.

The doctors first discovered something was not quite right after Continue reading “Life: The Post Baby Body”

I Love Winter


“I love winter.”

I keep telling myself that even though it’s not actually true…but I wish it were. So I have decided to continue telling myself that until I believe it. It’s simple ‘fake it til ya make it’ logic.

I mean, it shouldn’t be that hard. We believe lies all the time. Lies we tell ourselves, lies we tell other people, lies the enemy tells us. We hear them long enough, and they become our new ‘truth.’

In this case, I don’t think it is necessarily Continue reading “I Love Winter”

Why We Should All Write

Here I am. My second day in a row of virtual journaling! This isn’t really impressive for me, though. Now, if I make it 6 days (not counting Sundays unless I really feel like it) then it will be another story.

As I blog and basically share my journal with all the world, I’ve given myself two rules: only write about things I would actually write about in a real journal and write about my life in a way that will be relevant to myself and others.

So with that in mind, today is mostly for me. Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves Continue reading “Why We Should All Write”

Life: When There Are No Words – These Are Enough

In the last month, my husband and I have decided we would begin to try to get pregnant. And as I sit here thinking about a baby in the future, I am thinking of another.

It was about this time two years ago that we conceived our first, but it wasn’t until months later that we discovered Continue reading “Life: When There Are No Words – These Are Enough”