Why We Should All Write

Here I am. My second day in a row of virtual journaling! This isn’t really impressive for me, though. Now, if I make it 6 days (not counting Sundays unless I really feel like it) then it will be another story.

As I blog and basically share my journal with all the world, I’ve given myself two rules: only write about things I would actually write about in a real journal and write about my life in a way that will be relevant to myself and others.

So with that in mind, today is mostly for me. Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves why we do the things we do, and today I am going to remind myself preemptively (because I haven’t forgotten yet!) why I want to write more consistently.

We humans are forgetful little beings. It’s really quite impressive and embarrassing how easily we forget things. Our grocery list. Our evening plans. What we ate for lunch yesterday (or even today…what did I eat for lunch today!?)

Being forgetful isn’t a new thing. I’m reminded of this when I read through the Old Testament. As I read of the Lord’s faithfulness to the Israelites ALL THE TIME, I am astounded that they forget about all God did for them 10 seconds later. And then I realize, “Oh. That’s me. Dang.”

We forget too much. 

And that’s why I want to write more. And really why I think we all should write more.

Life is beautiful and messy and intricate and so many things all at once. At any moment, life can make us feel all sorts of emotions. That’s where memories are made.

The joy of seeing the man you love down on one knee. The heartache of that phone call you hoped you’d never get. The shock of walking into a friend’s home only to see 30 people who love you.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. It’s important to remember it all. Every bit of it.

After we lost our son, I wrote everything I could remember about my pregnancy and his birth. I knew those would be our only memories of him, and, knowing my history of forgetfulness, I decided I would do all I could to never forget those precious moments.

Why don’t we value all of our memories like those are our only chance at them?

We only get to make each memory once. Even if we try to recreate it, it will be different and new. Every moment is the only one of its kind.

We decide what is important and what is worth remembering. We are usually good at remembering the big pieces, but it’s the small things that really take us back in time. Like the color of the leaves the night my husband asked me to marry him. I only remember because of pictures. But when I see them, I go back to that sweet moment.

Life needs documentation whether in pictures, words, or some other form. Not to prove it happened, but to remember what it was like. To remind us of the places we’ve been and the things that made us feel.

So go out and document it.

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