My Sick Husband

I know it sounds bad, but I kinda love it when my husband gets sick. It’s a common stereotype that men are the biggest babies when they are sick, but, for my husband, that’s not the case.

I love getting to take care of him and coddle him a little bit. But only when he’s sick. Early in our marriage I discovered that when he is sick, he becomes a hermit. He likes to be left alone and fend for himself. He will make his own lunch, draw his own bath, and tuck himself into bed. I felt so sad!

He’s actually more willing to ask for help when he isn’t sick, and I’m less willing to give it, for some reason.

After many conversations, he’s finally agreed to let me take care of him, and he’s sick tonight!!! As far as practically caring for him, I don’t think I’d be the best. If he pukes, I’ll probably puke, too, but I make a mean can of chicken noodle soup. I’ll never know about these man babies that so many women speak of, but for now I appreciate my sick man who loves me enough to let me baby him for a day or two.

I have the best husband 🙂

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