Do You Ever Just Take a Minute?

My day starts a little before 7:00am. I have a daycare, and that’s the time my doors open. Kids start coming any time from then until 8:30. I usually spend my early morning tidying up, getting snacks ready, and doing whatever else I need to do, so the day runs smoothly, or as smoothly as it can when hanging out with 5 kids under 5.

This morning, though, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made me stop what I was doing.

It was this:


As I stood in my kitchen, busily working, I almost ignored it. I almost just went right back to what I was doing, but I didn’t. Instead I walked over to the window with no other purpose than to look at the sunrise.

This picture doesn’t even do it justice. It covered the whole sky. I stood there looking at that sunrise, and with my eyes I heard the heavens declare the glory of their Creator.

Do you ever just take a minute?

Do you ever just take a minute to be in awe of the world around you?

To do nothing other than look and listen?

To breathe?

To stop being busy, even if just for that minute?

I do, but not nearly as much as I should. It’s a lot easier to stop for a minute if we are on vacation, but when we are home and back at our usual routines, it rarely happens. I get so caught up in productivity, that I forget to look and listen.

And this goes so far beyond nature.

How many times do I pray, asking God to show me people He wants me to interact with on any given trip to the grocery store, just to keep my eyes glued to the shopping list?

So much life happens while I think I’m living, and I’m missing it for the sake of being busy and productive.

We were made for more than a life on the go, but how can we ever know that if we don’t stop? I want to stop for more minutes, whether it is to listen for God’s leading in my life or just to listen to the symphony of the sunrise.

Will you?

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