The Point of a Picture

I absolutely love pictures for the same reason I love writing about life – because I know I am forgetful. I’ve spent many hours in the last couple days sorting through and organizing thousands of pictures, and it’s not the first time I’ve had to do this.

When we were first married, we each had boxes of pictures from our lives before each other…well, I had boxes. My husband just had hundreds of pictures in random places, and they weren’t in any kind of order. I am all about organization, so, although my execution isn’t exactly perfect yet, I decided to go through all of those pictures. And I learned something… Continue reading “The Point of a Picture”

The Burden of Adulthood



I think being an adult is really great. There is a sense of freedom that I never knew until I became an adult; I love having that freedom. But when you become an adult, certain things are expected of you…things like paying your bills, making money to pay said bills, not spending more money than you have, etc. And if you do those things (plus some others), you might be considered Continue reading “The Burden of Adulthood”

10 Things We’ve Taught Each Other

Marriage is a learning experience for both parties involved. Like, all the time. It’s this way because no two people have the exact same upbringing, meaning there are things you learned that your spouse may not have and vice versa. In the quest for oneness, you may try to teach your spouse something in hopes that it may bring unity instead of Continue reading “10 Things We’ve Taught Each Other”

The Way Life Doesn’t Stop

Sometimes I forget how much time has passed in my life. I use major events to act as markers of time, and it helps me to keep track. When I really sit back and think about those markers, though, it is a bit startling. I consider where I was at that moment and where I am now, and I don’t like that, although it’s been years in some cases, it feels like yesterday. Because life has kept going, and sometimes Continue reading “The Way Life Doesn’t Stop”

I’ve Got That Downton Fever

After years of hearing people talk about it, I finally caved. I haven’t been in so deep with a show on PBS, since the days of Zoboomafoo, and, honestly, I never thought it would happen, but it has.

I am fully immersed in Downton Abbey, not to be confused with Downtown Abbey because that doesn’t exist, even though I thought that’s what the show was called all this time. We just started watching it last week, and we are almost done with season 3, and if you spoil it Continue reading “I’ve Got That Downton Fever”

Dr. King and His Dream

I’ve heard and read Dr. King’s speech many times in my life, and each time it inspires me. I am inspired to fight for justice. I am inspired to continue to love my enemies. I am inspired to see people for who they really are – to see beyond the shell. I am inspired to be better in every way because he had a dream, and he was bold enough to say it, even though it cost him his life.

He had a dream, and the dream he had was beautiful. He dreamt of equality, prosperity, and brotherhood. He dreamt of justice, love, and freedom, not just for the black man, but for all people of every color. His dream was good.

And although it can be tempting, especially for people who are white (like me), to think so, we have to remember this: we haven’t made his dream come true. Continue reading “Dr. King and His Dream”

Love Hurts.

Love hurts.

It’s something I have heard way too many times in my life. Every time I have heard those words, they’ve come from the mouth of a person who has been burned by someone who ‘loved’ them.

The definition of love has been so watered down and distorted that when a lot of people think about love, they aren’t anywhere close to the real thing. Love has nothing to do with Continue reading “Love Hurts.”

I Need Him

Sometimes there are days that I am just painfully aware of my need for Jesus.

I am a work in progress. I know it. I never expected perfection while I was on earth, let alone overnight, but sometimes I think I’m getting closer than I really am. Then I’m hit with a reality check. I’m not there yet!

I am broken in a hundred different ways for a hundred different reasons, Continue reading “I Need Him”

The Lame Testimony

I’m a pretty open book when it comes to sharing my story – my life – with people. I have enjoyed, on a couple occasions, sharing my story publicly. In September, I had the opportunity to speak at a women’s retreat put on by the church I grew up in. It was my first time speaking to a crowd of mostly adults, and it was pretty awesome.

People gave me great feedback about my story and encouraged me to keep on sharing, but there was one thing I heard a few times that struck a chord, “You have such a powerful testimony for someone so young. I wish my testimony was like that.”

I was bothered because, Continue reading “The Lame Testimony”

Resolve to Change

With the new year come resolutions, but not for me.

There was a time in my life when, like many people, I would compile a list of resolutions for the new year, but that’s not my thing anymore.

I don’t make a list or even think of any things I want to change starting January 1. Instead, I do things throughout the year whenever I feel prompted to do so. And it’s been really good.

I don’t think I’ve actually kept Continue reading “Resolve to Change”