Jesus Does What the New Year Can’t

Happy New Year!

I was planning on writing this before the new year actually happened, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Every year around this time, I begin to see hundreds of posts and articles about the new year being a new beginning and an opportunity for people to start over. The only problem is that it isn’t really the case at all.

The truth is that New Year’s Day is just another day. New Year’s Day doesn’t erase the mistakes you made last year, and it doesn’t trump the victories from the last 365 days. New Year’s Day doesn’t have the power to make you new. It just doesn’t.

But I know One who does.

Jesus can make you new today and every day. He can wipe from the record the things you wish you hadn’t done this year and every year before. He can break the chains of addiction, self-hate, depression, apathy, people pleasing, and everything else. He can bring hope and vision and grace. He can heal. He can make you new. 

I am thankful for last year, and I do look forward to 2016, but today has no power to change me. It can’t heal my broken parts and it can’t forgive my sin. Today can’t love me with a fierce and extravagant love. Today can’t be my Savior.

But Jesus can. He loves me so deeply and so passionately that He gave all He had for me…and for you. So we could know Him and be made new and whole. Everything in heaven and on earth is under His authority, and my hope for the new year is in Him. Is yours?





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