I Need Him

Sometimes there are days that I am just painfully aware of my need for Jesus.

I am a work in progress. I know it. I never expected perfection while I was on earth, let alone overnight, but sometimes I think I’m getting closer than I really am. Then I’m hit with a reality check. I’m not there yet!

I am broken in a hundred different ways for a hundred different reasons, some of which are simply because of the world I was born into and some because of another human being.

But Jesus is good, and He is enough.

It’s natural for me to want other people to meet my needs emotionally, physically, mentally, and, at times, spiritually, but just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is right.

There are days that my heart aches for wholeness…when it aches to not hurt anymore. I may think a person can take that aching away. Sometimes I think, “If I just had this” or “If they just did this I would be a little more whole…a little less broken.

Of course I know it’s not true, and yet I still seem to fall victim to the lies Satan tells from time to time, even to the extent that I begin to claim them as my own original thoughts.

I came into this world broken because of the simple fact that a broken thing cannot produce unbroken things. This world will only break me further the longer I am in it.

The truth is that I can’t expect any person on earth to fix my broken places, even if they are responsible for the breaking in the first place. There is only one human who could ever have the power to undo the damage caused by this world, and that’s Jesus.

When I think of the ways He has been faithful to me and the ways He has already brought healing into my life, my heart aches in a completely different way. It aches with a deep, deep love, and it’s so good.

I know that I need Him, and even though admitting my neediness is sometimes difficult and scary, I am so thankful that He can meet every need. Jesus can heal every broken place in me. He can restore me, and He does restore me.

Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

God’s love for me is amazing. He is good, and I will trust Him.


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