I’ve Got That Downton Fever

After years of hearing people talk about it, I finally caved. I haven’t been in so deep with a show on PBS, since the days of Zoboomafoo, and, honestly, I never thought it would happen, but it has.

I am fully immersed in Downton Abbey, not to be confused with Downtown Abbey because that doesn’t exist, even though I thought that’s what the show was called all this time. We just started watching it last week, and we are almost done with season 3, and if you spoil it…don’t you dare…just don’t.

I can’t really figure out what it is about this show that has me so stuck on it, but it is so good that my even my husband likes it! One of my favorite things about Downton is that it isn’t overly dramatic, which is rare on TV these days. Yes, there is drama, but the characters always seem to address issues head on as opposed to being passive aggressive about them. Maybe that’s what has me hooked.

I am so caught up in this show that it’s affecting my sleep. A few nights ago, I had a dream that my husband had an accent like a few of the the characters in Downton, and I remember (dream) thinking,” Wow, that’s my husband! He’s got a sexy voice. I can’t believe I didn’t notice he had an accent until now!”

Then I woke up. And I thought it was real for a bit. Then he spoke, and I realized it was all a dream. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little disappointed.

Whatever the reason, I’m in, and I won’t stop until it’s over! And then I’ll probably cry.

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