10 Things We’ve Taught Each Other

Marriage is a learning experience for both parties involved. Like, all the time. It’s this way because no two people have the exact same upbringing, meaning there are things you learned that your spouse may not have and vice versa. In the quest for oneness, you may try to teach your spouse something in hopes that it may bring unity instead of division. Sometimes the lesson will stick, sometimes it won’t. Here are some lessons my husband and I have learned from one another (or are still in the process of learning!!!). You can try to guess who was the teacher and who was the student in each of the examples.

  1. My inspiration for writing tonight: If you only half rinse a dish before putting it in the sink to sit and allow the food particles to become concrete overnight, you didn’t rinse the dish at all.
  2. You should turn the light off when you are done in the basement. Especially if you only go down there for 2 seconds, but the light remains on for 9 hours.
  3. When undressing in the only bathroom in the entire house, pick up dirty clothes from the floor and remove them from the room.
  4. Mail should go in the mail sorter when brought into the house, and mail sorter is not just a fancy term for a pile on kitchen counter.
  5. Folding the tops of good socks over on one another to keep the match together stretches them out. Don’t do it. (Even though, with that theory in mind, the wearer’s ankles would also stretch them out. So I guess don’t wear them either)
  6. You can’t leave uncovered butter on the counter for weeks on end and still say it’s good. (But it does spread better)
  7. Being ready means fully prepared to walk out the door and leave, so when you say you’ll be ready in 10 minutes, you should actually say the full amount of time it will take to get readyincluding drying your hair.
  8. The legs of other humans are not to be considered a heat source for you at night.
  9. When you say you’ll be in bed by midnight, you shouldn’t stay up until 3am playing NBA2k16.
  10. Toothpaste spit should be washed down the drain and not left in the sink. Contact solution should be wiped up, too.

So, those are just 10 things we’ve tried to teach each other, and, honestly, we are still working on every single one. I could share so many other things we’ve taught each other, but this is good for now. I love my husband, even when he makes mountains of mail on the countertops, and he loves me, even when I leave all of my clothes in the bathroom. He is the best, and I am so glad I get to do life with him.



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