The numbers have never been the reason I keep writing, but it is really interesting to look at my stats and see how many people my blog has reached since it started in late November. I love that I can see what countries the people who have seen my blog are from. It makes me love this part of technology.

My goal when I first started was to use my blog as a journal, and I would make it public as a form of accountability, even if no one ever read it. Just knowing that people could read it was accountability enough. But then people did read it. A lot of people. Today hit 3,000 and kept going. Three thousand different people have read something on my blog. There are almost 20 people who follow my blog. It’s amounted to almost 6,000 views from 24 countries.

To some that may not seem like many, but it humbles me. Aside from sharing my blog on Facebook, I’ve not advertised or asked for a following, so these numbers blow my mind. I still use this place as a journal to write about my life, but I’ve realized what a tool it can be to share what Jesus has done in my life. I could only hope to visit all of the countries my readers are from in a lifetime, but in 3 months, my story and the good news of Jesus have reached the nations.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share life with people I may never meet.

I have a story that’s worth sharing, and it is an honor to know that people are reading it.

So, thank you to the 3,087 people who have stopped by; I hope you’ll come back again! I am so excited to see where this goes!


Mark 16:15 “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

2 thoughts on “3,000?!

  1. Happy for you! Started off my blog as a journal as well, but I think our stories work as testimonies of God’s works in our lives 🙂


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