Hey Christians, Can We Talk About Trump?

I’m honestly shocked that Trump has made it as far as he has, and he continues rising in the polls! I’ve seen a lot of people writing about him lately – some people out of fear, some people out of hatred, and some people for the same reason I am today.

I don’t want him to be our next president because I don’t think he is a good man.

I am a Republican (I just declared it this year, so I could caucus). I don’t care what it’s supposed to mean, and I don’t care what being a democrat or anything else is supposed to mean because more important than that label is another that I bear – Christian.

The only reason I’m telling you those things is because I want everyone to know that I’m not a democrat bashing Trump just for opposition’s sake. We are of the same political party, and he does not have my support.

I know a lot of people say that you shouldn’t vote based on religious beliefs or social issues, but Jesus is the most important person in my life, so everything I do is based off of my relationship with Him, including the way I vote.

I’ve looked over Trump’s stances on a lot of issues, and I can actually see why so many people support him – on paper he seems like a perfect Republican. But he would be a terrible president because his policies are only good if you’re a Christian who was born in the United States and speaks English as a first language.

And so I say to my brothers and sisters in Christ:

Will you stand up for the least of these or only concern yourself with your own welfare?

Forget about the fact that this man claims to be a Christian but doesn’t know that 2nd Corinthians isn’t called Two Corinthians. Forget about the fact that he gives ridiculously huge and equally vague promises as if he will change everything in just 4 short years. Forget about the fact that he says all the right things, yet lacks any ideas on how to achieve his lofty promises. Forget about him being over-emotional, explosive, cocky, and completely lacking tact. Take a look at what he proposes we do in this country and decide if he looks anything like Jesus to you.

Trump wants to “Bomb the hell out of ISIS.” But does he – the man who adamantly opposes abortion because he had a “personal experience that brought the precious gift of life into perspective…”- realize that he will most likely be killing hundreds of innocent men, women, and children in the process? War is not as simple as dropping a bomb if you care about the sanctity of life.

Yes, there needs to be immigration reform, but Trump has no clue what changes need to be made, nor does he know how to implement change. And honestly, I don’t know either. I have never had to deal with immigration into this country. The only idea he can come up with is deporting millions of people who he has no way of finding due to lack of documentation…which happens when people enter the country illegally. Then, after spending what could be billions of dollars finding and deporting these people (while simultaneously ripping families apart) he will build a giant wall on the US/Mexico border. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced road construction, but if it takes 2+ years to build an overpass, how long do you think it will take to build a 2,000 mile long wall? Less than 4 years? I’m not sure how long he plans on being in office, but I think it would probably take more than 8 years, too, even if he could swing re-election.

He proposes surveilling mosques, creating a database of Muslims, and even deporting some. His plans resemble some of Hitler’s. I have to confess. I have, in the past, allowed the media to get under my skin and make me fearful of Muslims, and I am sorry. No one is good – that’s why we need Jesus – but there are people in every religion and every race who do terrible things every day. We can’t generalize an entire people group! Remember how upset we get when other people say that all Christians hate gay people? Let’s not say that all Muslims are terrorists. We cannot elect a president who is only concerned with protecting the religious liberties of one group of people while condemning and removing the liberties of others. That is not what America stands for, and that is not what Jesus would have done, either. Christians cannot expect their religious freedom to last under a government that doesn’t mind stripping others of their’s.

Our next president can’t be our savior. That’s not what I expect, but I do expect anyone who claims to be a Christian to resemble Jesus in some way. I do expect our next president to have integrity regardless of if they are a believer or not. Trump will not have my vote.


6 thoughts on “Hey Christians, Can We Talk About Trump?

  1. That’s wrong! Do you want to die? I don’t think God wants anybody to just surrender to terrorism or Satan. We will have no country left until we “get back to basics”. We just need to bar Muslims until we can find a way to tell who will not try to harm infidels. Also, people who are stating the things above must be Seniors with a steady income.
    LOOK AT THE US! I’ve been working P/T for a very low wage since 2009.
    Go Trump! Make America Great again, or at least give it the “old college try”. That’s better than what’s going on now…no try at all!


    1. Sorry, I’m a bit confused. You said “people who are stating the things above must be seniors with a steady diet income” and I’m wondering what things you are talking about..


      1. They must mean me 😀 I’m 62, with a steady income, but I don’t know what that has to do with the topic. Not sure if the comment indicates what a typical Trump supporter thinks like (disordered), or if it’s just a troll.

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  2. I’m Christian too, but I care about character, not what politicians profess as a religion. I want to vote for an ETHICAL person! Trump is obviously an immoderate speaker, racist, sexist, a con man, a panderer. I don’t need more reasons to oppose him.


    1. Thanks for the comment. To be clear, since your comment sounds like you think I disagree, I would not ever vote for someone just because they claim to be a Christian. Character is indeed what counts.


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