Haiti: Unity Among Believers

We spent a day at the beach in the middle of the week, and something beautiful happened.

After we had been swimming and snorkeling and bouncing on water trampolines for a while, I made my way back to shore. I passed a couple women – both quite a bit older than me. One was standing where she could just touch the ocean floor and the other was swimming laps around her cousin.

I don’t even remember how our interaction began – someone asked the other what they were doing in Haiti or something like that.

She told me she was living Continue reading “Haiti: Unity Among Believers”

Haiti: Being Loved By Orphans

I learn something from the beautiful hearts behind those sweet smiles every time I go to Haiti – I learn how to love big and unconditionally like that’s all I’ll ever have.

The first time I walked into the Imagine Missions orphanage was with a group of about 20 other people. Some had been there before, and some were like me…this was just the beginning. The team from the previous week was spending their last afternoon with the kids, so most of them were preoccupied with their new friends. I saw kids running to the familiar faces on our team and embracing them. For a moment I thought, maybe that will happen to me in a couple days once the kids have had a chance to meet me, then I felt something around my waist. It was the arms of a little boy named Duvalson.


I didn’t know him, and he didn’t know me, but that would change over the next week that we would spend together.

Duvalson wasn’t the only child who was attached to me at the hip, but he is the one who Continue reading “Haiti: Being Loved By Orphans”

Haiti: Loving Orphans

Me & Aldo
Lovelie & Me
Me & Djoudens
Wood & Jamin

The first time I went to Haiti was the first time I ever met an orphan, and I met a whole lot of of them all at once.

The Bible says that we are to care for the widows and orphans, and I suppose that was one of the reasons why I wanted to go three years ago. I am a supporter of international missions, and I’d been to the Dominican Republic several years before, but I wanted a chance to see an orphanage firsthand, to know the kids that lived there and help them in some way. Continue reading “Haiti: Loving Orphans”

Haiti: Joy & Mourning

A week before our arrival in Haiti, a beloved member of our Imagine Missions family died. His name was Feto. He was a security guard at the team house and so much more. He was a father figure to many children – including two of his own, an amazing servant and friend, and he was Papa Noel (Santa Claus) to the children at the orphanage. He loved to play a card game that involved putting clothes pins all over your face; in fact, I’m not sure if I’d ever seen him without at least one clothes pin on his face. I still don’t understand how the game works, but I remember how Feto was always welcoming and kind.

My husband and I had privilege of attending Continue reading “Haiti: Joy & Mourning”

Haiti: Where We Go

It was three years ago that Haiti captured our hearts. Specifically, it was an orphanage just outside of Port-Au-Prince called Loyal Oaks Community Chapel Children’s Home.

We just returned from our third trip to see the people at Imagine Missions who have become family to us. We led a small team – just 6 people including us. I wasn’t sure what to expect with such a small group, but it was nice. We were able to get to know each other and make some fun memories.

The orphanage is home to almost 100 of the most precious kids in the world. Some of them are orphans, and others have living parents who just can’t provide for them. At Imagine Missions, these kids receive food and education, and they are being raised to know the Lord.

We absolutely love having the opportunity to go back and visit “our kids,” and we can’t wait to go back again! I’ll be writing more about our trip over the course of this week.

If anyone wants more information about the orphanage or is interested in financially supporting the kids there, visit the Imagine Missions website 🙂 (http://imaginemissions.org)

God’s Unexpected Provision

WE’RE HOME!!!!! We got back this evening after spending all of last week with a small team at an orphanage in Haiti. I’ll write more about our time there in the days to come, but I want to share a bit about our trip back home because things didn’t go as planned.

The plan was to leave Haiti on Friday on a 2:30pm flight, go through customs in Miami, then fly to Charlotte, NC at 7:10pm. We would overnight there because we couldn’t find any return flights that didn’t have us overnight somewhere, and that was the cheapest route. We would just sleep in the airport, so we could save money. Then we would fly to Minneapolis Saturday morning and finish the drive back home.

The first complication didn’t even happen at an airport; it happened when Continue reading “God’s Unexpected Provision”

Thanks for Nothing, Flu

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the actual flu before – the respiratory one, not that other “flu” that makes you throw up for days…because that’s not really the flu at all…but I’m pretty sure I’d never had it (at least not in my adult life). 

Anyway, now I’ve had it, and it really knocks you out! Symptoms started on Friday night and didn’t even start to let up until today. Influenza A. Booooooooo!!!!

I’ve been without a fever for a few hours now, so that seems pretty promising! And I’m hoping I’m on the mend for good.

I haven’t been able to do much of anything this whole time, and it’s been really discouraging, but I’m optimistic. I’m thankful for doctors and Tamiflu, even though I’m not sure what it does. And I’m thankful that God doesn’t hate me when I don’t read the Bible for days or pray. 

It’s not out of the ordinary, but this time it wasn’t because I was “too busy.” 

Thank you, Jesus, for being so good and so gracious. 

Leap Day!

Today isn’t leap day, but I’ve been way too busy to write for almost a week now.

This weekend I learned that I have more endurance and skills than I ever thought.

My friend of almost 20 years got married on Monday (Leap Day!!). She needed her dress altered, and asked me to help. I taught myself to sew about a year ago, so I didn’t really feel qualified to do it, but two days and three really late nights later, it was done. And I can’t even believe I had anything to do with it! It looked so amazing!!!!

It was a crazy weekend full of laughs, trips to craft stores, and pictures of babies. It was exhausting, and it was so worth it! I am so honored that I got to play a part in her special day 🙂 I am completely amazed that I was able to stay up until 4:30am two days in a row without turning into a zombie.

And I am so thankful that, although we are 4 hours away from each other and we don’t get to talk often, we still remain close.