Thanks for Nothing, Flu

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the actual flu before – the respiratory one, not that other “flu” that makes you throw up for days…because that’s not really the flu at all…but I’m pretty sure I’d never had it (at least not in my adult life). 

Anyway, now I’ve had it, and it really knocks you out! Symptoms started on Friday night and didn’t even start to let up until today. Influenza A. Booooooooo!!!!

I’ve been without a fever for a few hours now, so that seems pretty promising! And I’m hoping I’m on the mend for good.

I haven’t been able to do much of anything this whole time, and it’s been really discouraging, but I’m optimistic. I’m thankful for doctors and Tamiflu, even though I’m not sure what it does. And I’m thankful that God doesn’t hate me when I don’t read the Bible for days or pray. 

It’s not out of the ordinary, but this time it wasn’t because I was “too busy.” 

Thank you, Jesus, for being so good and so gracious. 

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