Sometimes Love Looks Like…

I think chivalry is a fine thing. My husband does a lot of the things that people would consider chivalrous, but there are a few that I just don’t care about. I don’t want him to carry all of the heavy things for me because then I’ll get weak. I’d carry in all the grocery bags in one trip if he didn’t try to help me. I’m competent, and I’d like to stay that way. I don’t expect him to open every door for me…or any door for that matter, mostly because I usually get to said door first, and I don’t want to wait around for him to open it when I have two perfectly good hands to do the job.

Anyway, this morning, my husband and I raced to the driver door of our car to see who would get to drive to church. I hip checked him, securing me the victory and reminding us of something really funny that happened a few weeks ago:

We were just leaving church and were walking out to our car. He drove that day. I prefer that the car is unlocked by the time I get there when it’s cold, so I don’t freeze any longer than I have to, but in order for that to happen, he has to beat me to the car because our remote unlock doesn’t work. It was really cold and starting to rain on this particular day, so I decided I would start jogging to the car. He followed suit a couple seconds later, but I was approaching the car rapidly.

I was only a few feet away when he passed me and put the key in the door. Typically, he would then walk around to the driver side and we would both get in, but on this day, and without any warning, he decided to be chivalrous and open my door for me. Except, I had already started opening the door…so he hip checked me out of the way, so he could do it for me.

I wasn’t even upset because I was laughing so hard. My husband is great 🙂 Love looks like a lot of things. Sometimes it looks like a hip check and an open door.


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