When We Know What We Want

I see it all the time on my Facebook feed:

“I soooo want to go there someday!!!” beautiful landscape photo

“I will do this someday!” crazy photo of crazy people doing crazy things, like skydiving – yuck

“I want to have this someday!!” photo of a nice car, big house, or cool backyard

You get the picture I’m painting here.

Now, there probably aren’t real statistics about this, but I would bet that the vast majority of people don’t ever come close to having and doing all of the things they want or going to all of the places on their list, and it isn’t because of a lack of wanting.

I worked in a couple nursing homes for 5 years after graduating high school and while I was in college, and I had the opportunity to meet and grow relationships with some pretty awesome people, all of them at least 50 years older than me. I loved getting to hear about their lives and all of the things they had done. One thing that nearly everyone had in common was that they felt they didn’t do enough when they had the time, the health, the youth, or the resources.

I’m sure someday exists out there somewhere between 20 years and 1,000, but most people don’t live long enough to see it. Yes, maybe if we lived 1,000 years and had health and energy for much of it, we might do the things that we want, we might go the places we dream of, and we might buy all of the things our little hearts desire. But I think even then,it wouldn’t happen.


Well, for a couple reasons.

First, where discontentment is, discontentment will always be. I have been there. I have thought, “If I could just have a little more, do a little more, see a little more, I would be happy; that would be enough.” But even as we say those words, we don’t convince ourselves. We know in our hearts it isn’t true. We will always want more.

And it’s okay to want things, but if we want something because we feel like it will complete us, like we could never be happy without it, it will never be enough. There is only one person who can fill our every need and make us whole, and that’s Jesus, so if the motivation for something is wholeness, we will always be left wanting.

Second, for most people, someday will always be the day we will accomplish everything. Our failure to achieve all that we want in this life is not because we don’t want it enough, but because we fail to plan. We fail to set a date, make goals, and take the necessary steps. For some reason we think that someday is out there somewhere, and on that day we will just happen upon everything we’ve ever wanted.

But time has a nasty way of slipping by unnoticed. We wake up one day to see that a lot of life has happened without much living. How is it already April? In my wishing winter away, I’m afraid I may have missed some things.

I’m 25, but it feels like I was 10 just yesterday. How strange does it feel for someone who is 90?

My husband and I have tried really hard to be more intentional with the time we have been given. Yes, we still binge watch Netflix and spend too much time playing video games, but when we aren’t doing that, we are doing the best we can to live this life in a way that reflects well on who we are, what we want, and what God has called us to.

I don’t plan for someday anymore because I’ve learned that it is never going to come on its own. Instead, I try to make a plan to make things happen. Sometimes it’s hard because I want to make a plan for everything all at once, so it doesn’t turn into a “someday thing,” but I can’t do that. This year we are paying off student loans. It’s not exciting, but it’s necessary for us to have the freedom and funds to do the other things we want to do.

What do you want to do before this year is over? It’ll fly by, so start making plans, and make someday happen instead of waiting around for it.

2 thoughts on “When We Know What We Want

  1. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing today…And we don’t need statistics, I see this happening to the people around me as well. Too bad that they will realize how short life is a little bit too late…

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