I Have Done the Impossible

I love my dog way too much. Ever since we got her I envisioned her being this sweet little cuddly beast, and that is just not how things have panned out.

She is sweet – probably one of the sweetest dogs I know. She loves everyone she meets, and she knows the names of our friends, and when we tell her they are coming over, she goes crazy.

But her kind of sweet is the same kind as the average two year old – sweet most the time and a huge grump when tired.

I imagined that she would want to cuddle with me every moment I was around, and when I wasn’t, she would nestle up to her favorite stuffed animal from her puppy days. And maybe she would, except we don’t have any of the stuffed animals from her puppy days. They were destroyed long ago.

I remember seeing pictures on Facebook, and people would say, “My dog ruins every other toy except the very first one we ever gave him.”

We gave her the cutest moose that was as big as she was the week we brought her home. It lasted for a while…basically until she realized she had teeth.

She goes for the innards – the squeakers, the honkers, the rattles – and she will do whatever it takes to get to them.

And I have to say, I have become increasingly disappointed in dog toy manufacturers. I swear they use the thinnest and weakest fabric known to man, coupled with thread made of air. I can’t buy her stuffed toys anymore because they don’t last an hour before there is fluff all over my living room floor. Right now there is a stuffed hedgehog in a cupboard. It’s half destroyed. I can’t give it to her because I know that she will just take the rest of the fluff out, and I’ll have to clean it up, but what’s the point of having toys she can’t play with?!

Yesterday I decided I’d had enough.

I’ve been saving the good parts from her old toys in a bag for the day I was motivated enough to make something, and yesterday was that day. I went through my closet of fabric and found some canvas type material. Three layers of fabric all around, heavy duty thread, two squeakers, what sounds like a duck call, a broken needle, and an hour and a half of my day and I was finished.

It has been more than 24 hours, and she still hasn’t made it to the insides. She has infiltrated the first layer in a couple spots, but I think the multiple layers is confusing her because she hasn’t even tried to go further yet! I’m counting this as a victory.


And the best part – I caught her cuddling with it today 🙂   

3 thoughts on “I Have Done the Impossible

  1. SHE’s very cute. I love Cesar, too. His advice works wonders for bathtime. I just use the assertive/calm method and she jumps into the bath on her own. Too much dog to lift! I could ask Ashley if she knows of brand toys that hold up well. Her second job is with a fish/dog store. She’s froends with the owners. I know grocery store, etc tend to carry cheaply made toys in the hope you’ll be back for a replacement.

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  2. Ever watch Cesar Millan? There’s something he shares with almost every dog owner he encounters: Your dog is not human, it is dog! As humans we like to personalize our relationships and put ourselves into that othet person/dog mindset. It doesn’t work that way in the animal kingdom. Dog’s are predatory animals. He/she is just acting upon his/her instincts. I would love Mindy’s dog to be a cuddler. She is not. She’s part of the working class breed, so she’s happiest when working (aka fetching a ball or chewing a toy). I don’t know what your breed is, but looking into the characteristics might give you some insight as to why she/he destroys the toys. It might remind the dog of something it’s to do. Cute dog, ny the way. Keep on lovin that pooch! Oh…and exercise, long, ling walks will wear out the dog and deter destroying also. Another Cesar tip. Your cousin..


    1. Yeah! I love his show! She’s a golden doodle. She LOVES to run and chase birds and fetch, and we live by a park so it’s perfect for her. She doesn’t destroy anything but her stuffed toys, and it’s because they are so poorly made, but she loves the squeakers, so I kept buying them. Not anymore! 🙂 she is loving this new toy I made.


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