The 10:00 Prayer

My husband and I make a really great team. We are on the same page with everything that matters and most things that don’t (with the exception of his baseball card collection and a few other things:)), but marriage is still a tricky thing.

Before my father-in-law died, my husband’s parents would wake up every morning at 5:00 and pray together. They did that for years. They would pray over their family and friends, over the government, and anything else they felt led to pray for. I admired that so much. I have always wanted to be the couple that would spend hours in prayer together, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Although we aspire to spend lots of time in prayer together, aiming for that much of a commitment can be daunting, and when something seems impossible, I usually won’t even attempt it because I hate failing. It’s usually better to start small.

So for the past month or so we’ve started doing a thing. Every night at 10:00 we stop whatever we are doing and pray together. I pray for him and he prays for me. Sometimes it only takes a minute, sometimes longer, but the fruit of that time has been amazing.

Our marriage has grown stronger and we feel more connected. Our communication has improved, and our relationships with God have deepened – all because of 5-10 minutes in prayer together.

In the past, if I felt distant from my husband emotionally or any other way, I would somehow try to fix it myself. I would pursue our relationship in order to fix whatever I felt was lacking, but it would only lead to frustration.

I’ve found that most times when my relationship with my husband feels more like a relationship with a roommate, it’s because I haven’t been pursuing God enough.

Our marriage has one foundation, and that’s Jesus. When things feel weird or rocky, I can’t fix them by focusing on us first. We have to pursue Jesus because He knows better than I do what needs fixing. He sees our hearts and our struggles. He brings intimacy where it is lacking, and He brings unity where there is division. He heals and restores what we can’t ourselves.The Lord blesses us when we seek Him first. When was the last time you prayed with and for your spouse?


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