What Made You Feel Loved?

Last night we had a bonfire with our small group. After everyone had left, my husband and I sat out by the fire and talked while we waited for it to die down.

We have these kinds of talks pretty frequently, and I’m glad we do. They are simple, but I think they are really helpful for our marriage.

He asked me, “What have I done lately that has made you feel loved?”

I answered and asked him the same question.

I’ve talked about love languages before; my husband’s love languages are the opposite of mine. That’s why he asked me that question. Because we naturally “speak” the language we understand. For my husband, acts of service translate into love. When I do things for him, he feels loved, but it’s not the same for me.

So I appreciate it when we talk about how things are going. I like talking about our marriage, so we can see where we need to improve, where we can grow, and where we are rocking it.

Sometimes marriage is hard, and sometimes it isn’t, but I’m learning that checking in and assessing the health of the relationship is important regardless of how everything else in life is going.

One thought on “What Made You Feel Loved?

  1. I’m glad I ran across this post. I can relate to what you say about your husband. By nature, my husband’s way of letting me know his love for me is through acts of kindness, generosity, helping out in our home, etc. However, my language is a bit different. I speak it. All the time. Yes, I do agree that actions can be a representation of love, but I also need to hear the words. Of course, holding my hand and snuggling in for a movie, or for long chats between us are things that I enjoy. One way that I’ve seen him improve in showing his love is how carefully he chooses cards for special days. Thank you for your post.

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