A Little Friendly Competition

My husband decided that tonight would be date night.

We used to really suck at setting aside time to do something out of the ordinary and spend quality time together, but we’ve tried to make it priority every week, and it’s been really good for us.

He made plans to spend our evening playing board games. The winner of the first game would pick the next game and so on. We love board games, so it was an awesome date.


We started with Candy Land. I would have won if I hadn’t been sent back to the candy cane forest! Then we played a baseball board game that Jamin picked up during the last city-wide garage sales. I lost that game, too. I lost the game of Trouble, then Quirkle was next. I won by 1 point, so I picked the next game.


We went across the street to play Horse at the basketball court. I lost terribly.

Our evening ended with Connect 4, and I easily won. I’m pretty sure I’ve only lost twice since we bought the game.


My husband and I are really competitive, and I used to be a pretty sore loser, but, thankfully, I’ve gotten better, otherwise tonight would not have gone so well.


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