We Can Never Say It All

A good friend and I were talking the other day about life – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I love when I can have real conversations about real life.

We talked about depression, anxiety, loss, love, growth, passions, opportunities, and struggles. And after we had talked for a while, I said, “Man, we could talk forever and we would never be able to say it all.”

I was talking about God’s goodness in the midst of everything, and right after I said those words, God struck me with an incredible revelation that I don’t want to shake.

I serve a big and mighty God. He is good and faithful and loving, and He always has been. But I was reminded just how big and good He is during that conversation.

Even in the hard times, He is good. In the joyful times, He is just as good. His goodness and faithfulness to me never waver. They don’t increase or decrease because He doesn’t hold out on me…ever.

And even if I never stopped speaking, even if every breath I had was given to declaring His goodness in my life alone, I would never be able to say it all.

We can never say it all – all the ways God has been good to us, all the ways He has been faithful to us, all the ways He has loved us. We can NEVER say it all.

Jesus, let me never think I have said it all.

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