Happy Father’s Day, Love

Happy Father’s Day, Love.

You are an amazing dad, and honestly, you should have celebrated this day long before our son was born.

You were a father when we were doing youth ministry. You loved the kids we worked with. You taught them, laughed with them, cried with them. You introduced them to their Father in heaven, and spoke truth into their lives. You dealt with drama and welcomed kids with open arms when others would have run away because hormonal teens can be comparable to bears coming out of hibernation.

You modeled Jesus’ love for them so well, and it made me so proud to watch you.

God has made you a father to many.

And then Leeland came. He was a daddy’s boy from the start. Remember how he would only move in my belly for your voice? I wish he was still here with us. I would have loved to watch you guys play and be weird together. I would have loved to see him grow up to be like you. You are such a good man.

I wish we had a thousand more pictures, but this is one of my favorite pictures ever – from the day we got to see him, and the day we had to let him go.


I am so thankful for you. Happy Father’s Day. I love you.




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