The Apple Conspiracy

I’ve got a bone to pick with Apple.

I’m not an iPhone fanatic, and I have no desire to have an iPad. I really like my iPod, but the only reason I have an iPhone is because it was free from a friend, and I will never buy the newest model.

I’ve had a lingering suspicion for a while now, but yesterday took me to the end of my rope.

There is a conspiracy happening in regards to iPhone’s autocorrect feature. I am convinced of it!

I have an iPhone 5 (I think…), and when I first got it, I had no trouble with autocorrect. I thought it was hilarious reading all of the ways that autocorrect had betrayed other users, but it had never done me wrong, then things started changing.

My autocorrect has become progressively stupid in the last 6 months or so. First it was just little things, then it started changing perfectly spelled words into things that aren’t even words.

I am absolutely convinced (and you probably won’t convince me otherwise) that Apple is secretly making autocorrect worse and worse on the older devices until the user’s lose their minds and finally give in and buy the newest available model, but joke’s on you, Apple. It’s not going to work with me! I won’t do it!

This brings us to yesterday. I was texting my sister after she sent me a picture of some good old VHS tapes that she got for free. I told her to bring them when she came to visit “because we still have a VHS player,” but my phone would NOT let me type “VHS.” Every time I tried to type it, it was autocorrected to “change” or “chance” or another stupid word that I didn’t want.

Really, Apple! You guys don’t remember the days of VHS tapes?! You’ve so long forgotten those little rectangles that you feel like anyone who is typing that word couldn’t possibly be doing it on purpose?! For shame.




p.s. if this actually ends up to be a real thing, I am going to laugh so hard.




2 thoughts on “The Apple Conspiracy

  1. Fun fact: it’s probably a real thing! Not just with auto-correct, but the whole system. Usually it happens right before they release the new iPhone…and they do an iOS update that actually makes the phone slower…but once the release happens there’s usually another update that fixes it. Can’t remember where, but I read an article about it, and some dude had a graph that showed complaints about iphones and the timing of releases via Google as proof.

    Anyway. Don’t mind me over here creeping on old posts. Hope you’re feeling GREAT after surgery! Kbye! -Kara


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