I Can’t Just Say Nothing

Honestly, I’m having a hard time finding the words to use to describe what is happening and has happened in the United States, but I can’t just say nothing.

I know I am not an officer who has killed a black man/teen/boy, but I feel like I need to apologize nonetheless. So,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I haven’t said anything until now. As a white person, it’s easy to ignore the issue when it’s happening far away, but it gets harder to ignore the closer it gets to home or family.

I’m sorry police are senselessly killing black people. I’m sorry anyone is senselessly killing anyone.

I’m just sorry.

Jesus, help us! Our world is broken!

I hear people screaming for police reform. I hear people screaming for policy reform. I hear people screaming for equality. I hear people screaming for justice. I hear people screaming for a chance to live. I hear people scream because their hearts have been ripped from their chests. I hear it.

When we dehumanize a group of people in the media so much that it is acceptable to show one of them being shot to death on national television, there is a problem, and if you haven’t noticed the problem yet, you should now. If the image of Alton Sterling or Philando Castile dying doesn’t make you angry, if that image doesn’t make your heart scream, “INJUSTICE,” look inward. Has your heart really become so hard? Where is your compassion?

We need to listen to the black people in our lives who are telling us they are afraid. Maybe you think, “some of my black friends don’t think there is a problem,” but if even one of them does, listen. At least listen.

And to my fellow white people, know that I am not saying that all white people are racist, but I am saying enough white people are racist – or at least passive. I am not saying that every police officer is bad (because I know some of the best), but I am saying enough police officers are power hungry and out of control.

I am saying there aren’t enough people standing up. I am saying there is a problem.

But the truth is, we can’t reform the hate out of the hearts of man. Reform can’t mend the broken places in us that cause us to act out of fear of things we know nothing about. And more hate won’t drive hate out of the hearts of our enemies, but love will. Jesus will. Jesus can fix it.

As Christians, we know that to be true, but will you participate? Will you be His hands and feet? Will you fight for justice? Will you use your position to create a better world for your neighbor? What about for your neighbor’s children?

We can’t simply stand beside someone because they wear the same badge as us or because their skin is the same color. We need to start condemning hate on every side. We need to stand for truth, even when it is hard. We need to stop making this personal because saying that one officer did something wrong doesn’t mean they all did. Saying that one black man did something wrong doesn’t mean they all did, either. We can’t continue making harmful generalizations that create more division among us.

There is a little black boy and a little black girl that I love on the other side of the state. I want to see them grow up because I know that God is going to use those two to change the world. He doesn’t have small plans for them. There are black men and women that I love. I can’t just sit here waiting for it to be one of them, so let us fight for truth and justice, and let us love because He first loved us.


Jesus, soften the hardened hearts of the people in this country. Soften police hearts, soften the hearts in the White community, soften the hearts in the Black community, soften the hearts in the Hispanic community, soften the hearts in the heterosexual community, soften the hearts in the LGBTQ community. Create in us hearts of compassion for our fellow humans. I pray that we would have the hearts of lions as we boldly and courageously love.

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