Date Night Jar

I saw this thing on Pinterest a long time ago, so my husband and I decided we would do it!

The Date Night Jar

The idea is to fill a jar with popsicle sticks or pieces of paper with date night ideas, then randomly draw one out on date night. My husband and I are creatures of habit and tend to be indecisive, so our date nights are usually smuggling fast food into the movie theatre. We like to do new things, but we aren’t good at taking the initiative, so we need a little nudge.

I just made a simple label on the computer and mod podged it onto a mason jar. We got the sticks from Walmart for $3, so overall it was super cheap.

We created 6 categories, each represented by a different colored stick: at home, out to eat, go out (<$20), be active, explore, and getaway. Our goal was to think of 14 ideas in each category. It was harder than I thought it would be, but brainstorming together was a  lot of fun. We didn’t get 14 ideas for each category, yet, but we will continue adding to it. Four colors will be used for spontaneous dates, and two colors will be for planned dates like a camping weekend or visiting a new place. Some sticks have one thing written on each side because we live where there are seasons, and some activities won’t work year round, so


Red – Stay Home

  • Board Game Marathon
  • Movie – His Pick/Movie – Her Pick
  • Remenisce (Look at old pictures and videos)
  • Video Game – His Pick/Video Game – Her Pick
  • Candlelit Supper
  • Poem/Love Letters
  • Stargazing
  • Build Legos
  • One Board Game – His Pick/ One Board Game – Her Pick
  • Camp in Backyard/Sleepover
  • Massage Night
  • Sudoku
  • Puzzle
  • Movie – His Pick/Movie – Her Pick
  • Hot Cocoa by the Fire/Bonfire (we don’t have a fireplace, but we can watch a video on Youtube!)
  • Sexy Time (Sorry brothers and dad, but you know it happens)

Orange – Out to Eat (Just pick a bunch of restaurants in your area!)

Yellow – Go Out for less than $20

  • Take $10 a piece to the penny slots
  • Buy small Lego set
  • Grab dessert
  • Veteran’s Museum/Other Museum
  • UNI Game
  • Apple Orchard
  • Cheap Baseball Game/Hockey Game
  • Sleigh Ride/Mini Golf
  • Community Theater
  • Attend a High School Sporting Event
  • Movie Theater (smuggle in candy!)
  • Picnic

Green – Be Active

  • Tennis/Play in Snow with Pup
  • Kayak Big Woods/Sledding
  • Geocaching/Wii Fit Night
  • Hiking/Snowshoe
  • Bike Ride/Build a Snowman
  • Long Walk
  • Paint Ball/Lasertag (group dates!)
  • Ice Skating/Kayak
  • Golf
  • Swimming Pool
  • Play Catch
  • Play Football

Blue – Explore…find one of these you haven’t been to before and check it out (draw one of these and make a plan within a month to do it!)

  • Christmas Festival/Town Festival
  • Restaurant
  • Hobby
  • Storefront
  • Museum
  • Camp Site
  • Landmark (World’s Largest Frying Pan!)
  • Playground
  • Bike Path/Snowshoe Path
  • Park (find one of those brown signs that is along the roadside noting a nearby state park, etc)
  • Lake
  • City

Purple – Getaway ($$)

  • Hawkeyes Game
  • Backpacking
  • Drive In Movie
  • Snow Ski
  • Camp at Backbone
  • Camp at Hickory
  • Twins Game
  • IA Cubs Game
  • Room Escape Game
  • Weekend in Des Moines
  • Water Park
  • Off Broadway Show
  • Buy Legos (guys, it’s not weird that we think Legos are cool!)

Those are all of our ideas for now. I’m really excited to start using the jar and fill it up with more ideas! Let me know if you have any good ideas to add!


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