This weekend was wonderful!

Some of our Haitian family has been in the United States for over a month, traveling around to churches that support the orphanage to give updates and share goals for the future. They made it to our area this past weekend, and we had the privilege of hosting a get together with other people who have been to Haiti.

Melissa (the director of the orphanage) told us of how God has been faithful to raise up leaders to fill the roles that were left empty when Rosel died and of all the progress that has been made with building the school. My husband and I took the boys to a park close to our house to play some tag for a while, so their mom could take a nap. I’m still sore from all of that running! It was so good to see everyone.

The orphanage can not have too much financial support, so if you are interested in sponsoring a child for school or even just giving money to cover payroll for teachers or food for the kids, visit the Imagine Missions website HERE.



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