Calling All Saints

My husband and I watched the movie St. Vincent tonight.

I gave it four stars on Netflix, but only because it made me cry and I couldn’t handle the kid’s cuteness. The movie as a whole was just okay. It was pretty rough around the edges in some places, but there was one part that just moved me.

The movie is about a single mom and her son. They move into a new neighborhood, and

their neighbor is a horrible role model (for the most part), but he starts watching the little boy after school. The kid goes to a Catholic school and has to do a report on someone who he believes is a saint in real life. SPOILER ALERT: he picks the neighbor – Vincent.

At the end of the movie, the little boy is giving a presentation on why Vincent is a saint. He starts off by saying that Vincent doesn’t like people, and people don’t like him. He cusses, drinks, smokes, gambles, goes to strip clubs and spends time with a “lady of the night.” Then the little boy tells the audience about all of the things Vincent had taught him – bravery, sacrificial love, perseverance, and compassion.

That’s where I cried. Because what that little boy did – the way he called out the good in this man that everyone else saw as a waste – is exactly what Jesus does for us.

Jesus is so good!!



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