Drive-In Theaters!

Sometimes I forget that my childhood was a lot different from that of my younger sisters because there are so many things I did as a child that just aren’t a thing anymore.

I remember going to the drive-in theater several times as a kid. Back then they charged by the car, which worked out well for a mom of five kids. She would pile us all into the van and take us to the drive-in. It was great.

Then the drive-in got replaced by a Walmart.

My dad took me and my sister to a drive-in when we were visiting once. There is just something about it. I don’t know why, but it’s just the best way to go to the movies.

After a while I forgot about those sweet times at the drive-in.

Then, as my husband and I were trying to decide what to do for our 1st anniversary, we came across a drive-in a couple hours away. We ended up going, and although I’d never been to that drive-in, it felt the same as all the other times.


My younger sister, Dee, had never gone to a drive-in, so we decided that we would go last night. I packed up the car, made a nest in the back with nearly all the blankets in the house, and purchased movie snacks. I’m glad I got to share in that first with her. It was really fun. The theater showed The Secret Life of Pets & Finding Dory, but we only stayed for the first feature.


It’s so fun getting to share pieces of my childhood with my younger sisters.



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