Jail Break

I really like all sorts of puzzles. I like trivia and brain teasers and number puzzles and regular puzzles!

This week, Jamin and I did a puzzle I have wanted to do for a long time. We did a room escape and broke out of jail.

We were given an hour to escape our cells and find evidence to prove our innocence, and we did it! We are a great team, and doing that together just further proved it!

It was so much fun. The place we went has three different scenarios, and we are hoping to go back and try another sometime, but it was a bit expensive, so that probably won’t happen for a little while.

Before we started, the woman who informed us of our “mission” also told us that only 29% of people who attempt this puzzle can complete it. Our final time was 55 minutes and 2 seconds, and we only used 2 clues.

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