Sick Days

I used to love sick days as a kid. The being sick part was no fun, but being home sick meant getting to skip school and cozy up in the recliner with a bell on the side table. I would ring the bell, and my mom would take care of anything I needed. I would watch Anne of Green Gables or whatever soap operas were on and take lots of naps. Life was so simple back then.

I remember one time I was sick for almost a week, and I had been watching some soap opera. The creators of those are good. They know how to get people hooked – tell them something big is coming, but make them wait weeks to know what it is. There was some huge news that one of the characters was waiting for, so I watched it every day waiting to find out what the news was. I even kept watching after I got better in hopes of finding out. I don’t remember what show it was or what the huge news was supposed to be, but I never did find out what I wanted to know.

I’ve been sick the last few days, and am finally feeling like myself again. It’s no fun having to lay around all day all by myself doing nothing. The worst thing about being sick as an adult, though, is having to drive myself to the doctor. I felt awful yesterday. My head was hurting, and I was weak, but I needed to go to make sure I didn’t have anything that needed medication. Thankfully I made it there and back safely, but it wasn’t fun. I’m glad that I’m on the mend now.

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