The Family Chronicler

There are some technological advances that I think are completely useless, some that I think are awesome, and some that have nearly ruined human interactions. And then there is Shutterfly.

I’ve always been someone who liked to reminisce. Of all my siblings, I think I spent the most time huddled over photo albums looking at days before I was born and memorable moments from my childhood. So much can be learned about a person from looking through their old pictures.

But photo organization of the past is less than ideal. The days before digital photography resulted in over exposed and blurred images, and I don’t know about yours, but my family didn’t always sort out the good from the bad after picking up the pictures from the developer. And we didn’t always put the pictures in photo albums. The ones that did make it into an album didn’t always get labeled, and the albums were big and bulky.

I’ve decided to take it upon myself to scan all of the pictures from my childhood and upload them to Shutterfly. I’m going to make photo books from all of the pictures. The great thing about Shutterfly is that I can fit 1,000 pictures into each book, and they take up less than half the space of a traditional photo album. Each of my siblings will be able to order as many as they’d like, and we won’t have to worry about losing the only copies of pictures in fires or floods. If the books are ruined, we can just reorder them.

So that’s my plan, but actually getting there is a lot of work. I’ve spent at least 4 hours scanning pictures, and I’m not even close to being halfway done. Even though it feels like it’s taking forever, it has been really fun looking through so many old pictures.

I’m excited for the finished products, but for now I’m just trying to keep enough momentum to finish scanning everything. Being the family chronicler isn’t always fun, but it is going to be so worth it when everything is done.



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