Divorce Hurts

Man. My heart has been heavy the last few days.

It seems like every time I get on Facebook I see that someone is getting a divorce. I know that what I see isn’t anywhere close to the number of people worldwide that are experiencing divorce, and it’s just been making my heart ache.

Divorce hurts. Regardless of when, how, or why it happens, it hurts. It hurts even when everyone can remain civil through all of it. It hurts even if it really is for the better. I really don’t believe there is any divorce that doesn’t leave someone wounded.

I’ve never been divorced, but my parents are, and their divorce left scars with each of us kids and, I’m sure, both of them.

So I’ve been prayerful because that’s the only way I know how to lighten the load on my heart.

I’m praying for my married friends that are struggling – maybe even preparing for divorce. I’m praying for reconciliation and the strength it takes to forgive the unforgivable in the one they are supposed to love the most. I’m praying for pride to dissolve and humility to flourish. I’m praying for shame and guilt to disappear and for hearts to soften. I’m praying blessing over their communication and over every conflict. I’m praying for freedom from addictions, old wounds that never healed, and temptations. But more than anything, I’m praying that maybe divorce wouldn’t seem like the only tunnel with light at the end of it.

I’m praying for my married friends that aren’t struggling. That they would have open eyes for the people around them and be willing to come around the ones that feel like everything is falling apart. I’m praying for their communication and God’s grace to increase. I’m praying for blessing upon blessing in their homes, finances, and relationships. I’m praying that, in humility, they will seek help if there is conflict they can’t resolve and encourage other couples to do the same. I’m praying that bonds grow deeper and are unbreakable. And I’m praying that the word “divorce” wouldn’t even be spoken in their marriages.

And I’m praying for my friends that are divorced. I’m praying that every single wound would be healed. I’m praying that they would know they aren’t failures and they aren’t unlovable. I’m praying that guilt and shame would be replaced with knowledge of their worthiness. I’m praying that Jesus would meet them right where they are and wrap them up in His arms – that they would feel security and love. I’m praying for peace and rest and freedom.

Tonight I’m just praying because that’s what I know to do and because I know my Jesus loves every one of His people and wants us to be whole, and He’s the one who can make that happen.

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