Too Caught Up

Sometimes I get so caught up in the motions of life that I forget to really live.

I focus so much on the mundane tasks to have my life in order that I neglect what I really need until I feel like I could just burst.

I love Jesus, but sometimes I really suck at setting aside time to be with him. I can tell when I haven’t given him the time he deserves because my heart suffers. I don’t think I feel less, but I definitely have a harder time sorting through my emotions.

That’s been my last few weeks. I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in things that don’t actually matter. Life is hard to balance.

There are things that we have to do as adults, and learning to make those things a priority without letting them take hold of me is a slow process, but I’m getting there.



Thank you, Jesus, for always being my center and calling my heart back into alignment with you.



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