Puppy Pile

I have a dog. She’s a Golden Doodle named Scout, and I love her to pieces. But my favorite breed of dog is the Great Dane. Let me just tell you how much I love Great Danes.

I don’t know when it started, but somewhere in the course of my life, I decided Great Danes were the cutest little *giant* sweeties I had ever seen, except that I had never actually seen one in real life.

The first time I saw a Great Dane was a few years ago. I was driving past the local dog park when I saw it; I had to stop. I decided I wasn’t going to care what the owner thought of me. I was just going to walk right up to the owner and ask if I could pet their dog. They said, “yes.”

I cried.

Yep, I cried petting a stranger’s dog in the dog park. It was beautiful.

Then I met another Great Dane at the dog park after I got my dog, so I was able to be a lot more casual about petting that one. I didn’t cry that time.

Then I met another Great Dane. This one belonged to a friend’s sister. I had seen pictures of him and heard stories about him, so the excitement building up to this encounter was unbearable. I cried again. Because I just love Great Danes too much!

When my husband and I first talked about getting a dog after we were married he said that a Great Dane would never happen because they are the size of a small horse. He has since changed his requirements to us owning 3 or more acres of land or me making $100,000 a year.

Fast forward to last week. I have a daycare, and one of the kids was telling me about a little tiny puppy named, Pretty. She was telling me that she would be getting this “so little tiny puppy” for Christmas. My husband and I are friends with her parents, and they hadn’t mentioned getting a puppy at all, so I thought that she was making it up. She went on to tell me that she does not like big dogs, and that is why she loved Pretty – because she was just so small.

I asked her mom about it, and she said that Pretty was a real dog, but they weren’t getting her for Christmas. I asked what kind of puppy it was because her daughter kept saying it was so tiny. She said, “oh, she’s not going to stay tiny. She’s a Great Dane.”

……………………..I couldn’t believe it.

Then my friend said that I could go see Pretty and all of her siblings, so that is exactly what we did on Tuesday night. I went and saw 9 Great Dane puppies and even got to meet the mom. It was definitely in the top 20 best days of my entire life. I was completely surrounded by puppies!!!

One puppy I held right away just snuggled right up on my shoulder, and if I stopped petting him, he would start to make sweet puppy sounds and cry. It was so great.

My husband reminded me before I left not to come home with a puppy. I didn’t bring one home, but I had to laugh when he told me that he wasn’t completely sure that I wouldn’t try to.





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