Birthday Balloon

Yep, that’s a picture of the kind of balloon that has been in my uterus the last 10 days.

My birthday was yesterday. I’m 26. Sometimes I think, “wow, has it been 26 years already?” And other times I think, “Only 26 years, huh?”

So much has happened. Sometimes I can hardly believe the story that has been written for me this far. So much loss, but so much more life. So much joy and sorrow. So many surprises and so many opportunities for growth, even if that meant experiencing growing pains physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I think that will be big in the coming year as I make my way to 27. I can already see it in just a few of the things that have happened recently. This year will cause me to grow in ways that I never thought I would, and I know it will be good because my God is good, and He knows what He is doing.

Anyway, I went back to the doctor today, so they could remove the balloon that has been sitting in my uterus. The goal was that this balloon would help the walls of my uterus to heal without coming into contact with each other and scarring over again.

We discussed again that there was substantially more scar tissue than they originally thought. My doctor told me that I would continue taking the estrogen until it ran out and then start on progesterone for a week, hoping that it would cause the lining to shed. At that point, if I don’t bleed, they’ll have to consider another surgery because that means that this one failed. If I do, that is good sign number one.

The second test will be whether or not my body will get back onto a regular cycle on its own within a reasonable time. If it doesn’t, once again, we will be talking about more surgery. If it does, great.

She said if everything goes well, I will be high risk whenever I do get pregnant because the chances of the placenta growing into the walls of the uterus are pretty high. If that would happen, they would try their best to remove it by a D&C, but some cases result in a hysterectomy. I will go back for a follow up appointment in June.

I am thankful that we finally know what is going on with my body, but there is still so much unknown.

I’m not afraid, though. Because I know that no matter what happens, God is working. He is still with me. He hasn’t forsaken me, and I know that He plans to use all of this for my good and his glory, and I can’t wait to see what that looks like!

In the mean time, here is how you can join me in prayer:

  1. That my body would respond to the hormones and shed the lining
  2. That my cycle would start up again after the hormones are done
  3. That the scar tissue would completely disappear. I am not just asking that it doesn’t get worse, I want to see a miracle. I want every sign of scar tissue to go.
  4. If, when I get pregnant, that my placenta would stay where it is supposed to be and not invade the walls of my uterus.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Balloon

  1. You don’t know me except through the impractical dreamers FB group, but just know that I’m thinking of and praying for you. Your story is already such an inspiration because seeing the strength and faith you hold as you walk through so many unknowns is really, really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ❤


  2. My granddaughter, age 28, is also going through problems. I know that both of you are hoping and waiting. I wish I could wave a magic wand. She, like you, knows God has The Plan, but that does not change the aching for either of you. Praying for you and love you.


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