He Is Still Risen

Millions of people celebrated the coming of a candy bearing rabbit yesterday. I hope that many more millions were celebrating something much bigger – the resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

In the days leading up to Sunday, lots of people talked about Jesus. They talked about why Jesus would do what He did and what it means for us. They talked about how He was welcomed upon entering Jerusalem and how the same people that welcomed Him were in the crowd yelling, “crucify him,” only days later. On Friday, people talked about the punishment Jesus would receive on our behalf and what was supposed to be His final breath.

But then Sunday came, and everyone said, “He is risen. He is risen, indeed.”

It may seem obvious, but I would like to say, “He was risen on Friday, too, and He is risen today. And He will still be risen tomorrow.”

That terrible day so many years ago was probably the worst day imaginable for anyone who thought Jesus would be the One that would save them, but we know something they didn’t know. We know that He didn’t stay in the grave!

Jesus’ death and resurrection are the foundation for Christianity. It is important to remember what happened, but every year as Easter comes, it seems like people forgot that Jesus didn’t just retire back into the grave after He rose from the dead, so He could do it all over again next year. He went to the grave once. He burned for us, but Hell had nothing on Him, so bursting forth He came back to life, and now He sits at the right hand of God and waits for the faithful to join Him. We should shout that from our rooftops every day!

So as we eat our candy and forget the things we did with our families, let’s remember the day Jesus conquered sin and death. We shouldn’t just continue to live in our sin and filth, but remember that He died to cover all of it. Let us not go back to the way we were on Thursday and simply be religious when it’s convenient. Let’s not forget what He did. Let’s not pick up the chains that bound us for so long and forget about our Savior. For those in Christ, we have been redeemed, so let’s live redeemed. Let’s live for the One who gave His life for us.

He is still risen. There won’t be a day that He isn’t. It is finished.

Mark 14-16

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