Pray Without Ceasing

A few nights ago my husband and I changed our routine a bit.

We normally pray together a few times a week, not counting quick prayers in the morning or at night, and our Bible reading is usually done independently.

We are reading through the book of Isaiah together and praying together every day. We made a list of 11 things that we are going to pray for every day. We want to make this a regular thing each day.

The last few days have been really great. I love getting to hear his perspective on what we read, and I love getting to pray with him. Our goal with setting aside prayer time is to be more intentional with prayer and to learn how to pray without ceasing. The more we pray, the more natural it becomes, just like anything else. I know we will grow in our relationships with the Lord and in our marriage.

Our evening, tonight, was spent running through the script of a church production we are going to be in. We weren’t planning on committing to something this big for the summer, but felt like this was something God wanted us to do, so here we are. I’m excited to see how God is going to use this to minister to people.

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