Hopefully the Last Test

As we were sitting in the waiting room, I looked at my hospital wristband where it said, “26yr.” I told my husband I could remember being 16, and at that time 26 seemed so far away. It arrived quite quickly, though. He said, “I bet this isn’t what you thought 26 would be like.” He was right.

My life has not at all been what I expected. I don’t really know what I expected it to be like, but I know this isn’t it, and I’m sure I’ll still be saying the same thing 10 years from now.

It was about a year ago that my doctors started doing tests to figure out what was going on with my body. First they thought it might have been a tumor. When that couldn’t be confirmed, they referred me to the University of Iowa Hospital. They did more tests and figured out that I did, indeed, have Asherman’s Syndrome as a result of a D & C.

In February, I had surgery to cut out the scar tissue in my uterus. In the time since then, my doctors wanted to give my body a chance to do its thing – to see if I would continue having regular cycles – so they could know if the surgery worked. We had my post-op follow up appointment last week, and that was a bit frustrating. My husband and I thought my doctor would do some sort of imaging test to check the status of the scar tissue, but it was really just a conversation, and it could have been done over the phone. At the end of the conversation, my doctor said he thought it would be a good idea to do an HSG, which is an xray of the uterus after a contrast dye has been injected into to see healthy tissue, scar tissue, and whether the fallopian tubes are open or not.

That brings us to today. We went to the hospital this afternoon for the test. I was a little nervous because the information packet they gave me said that if you have a blocked tube, you might feel intense pain, and they were expecting my right tube to be blocked because the opening wasn’t visible at the end of my surgery, due to the amount of scar tissue blocking the right side of my uterus. So I went in prepared to be in a lot of pain, but it wasn’t that bad. There is a good amount of healthy tissue on the left side of my uterus and a small band of healthy tissue on the right, and BOTH of my tubes are open!

I have to wait for a call from my doctor in the next couple days to hear what he thinks of the results. He might say we are clear to try to get pregnant or he might recommend another surgery to remove more scar tissue. While the left side is mostly healthy, there is still a pretty significant amount of scar tissue on the right side of my uterus and along the top of it, so we will wait and see. I am hoping we will be done with doctor visits for a while now.

Jamin and I are feeling good about this news. We love when doctors are surprised by what they see because we know it is God working. We had been praying that both tubes would be open and that the scar tissue would be gone. The first part happened, so we will continue praying for no scar tissue until it’s gone.




the image above is my doctor’s rendering of what the scar tissue in my uterus looks like

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