5 Year Anniversary

Jamin and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday! I can’t believe we’ve been married for 5 years!!! It has definitely been a roller coaster, but there is no one else I would rather go on this roller coaster with than my best friend. He is my favorite gift!

Friday was spent driving to Decatur, Illinois to perform a play of sorts at a church there. On Saturday, we drove the 5ish hours back home. About 30 minutes into the drive, I looked on Facebook and saw a post from a place called Brown’s Oakridge Zoo. They foster all sorts of baby animals, and for less than $20 you can hold them! They posted that Saturday would be the first day to hold their newest baby – a Siberian tiger cub!!!!! It’s about a 4 hour drive from our house to get there, so I never thought I would get to go, but it was practically on our way home from Decatur. I told the people I was riding with, and they all wanted to go, so we went just under an hour out of our way and had a once in a lifetime experience! It’s not a commercial zoo by any means. It’s basically a farm with a few animal enclosures. They have tigers, black bears, bobcats, a mountain lion, an African lion, some wolves, and some other animals, too.

I knew that they sold tickets for the animal encounter on a first come first serve basis, so I was worried that it would be packed when we arrived, but there was practically no one there. We looked around at the other animals for about an hour, and then it was our turn! I’ll juts let the pictures tell the rest of it:

Here is me dying of cuteness after touching the cub for the first time




Jamin petting a tiger!!!
I got to feed her a bottle!


I just could not handle her cuteness!!!!
She was trying to escape to take a nap
One of her handlers feeding her.


Jamin holding her for the first time


Baby sleeping on Jamin
Our carpool and the tiger crying with her mouth wide open. Poor baby was hungry and tired.

That little sweetheart was only 4 weeks old! It still seems surreal, but it was so amazing!

I love getting to experience life with my husband. I am so excited to see what the next 5 years bring!!!


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