Dear Childless Mama

Dear Childless Mama,

You know who you are. Whether you are like me and your child was taken from your arms by that nasty thing called death or miscarriage robbed you of that baby in your arms, or that adoption you so eagerly awaited fell through, or infertility has, it seems, built walls around you, so you can’t conceive, or you are still single and wondering if you’ll ever get to build a family with someone – you know who you are, and when I say, “Dear Childless Mama,” you know I’m talking to you. Even if you’ll only call yourself a mom in the depths of your being because the world might not recognize it in you. You know. So hear my words:

You are not incomplete.

You are not worthless.

You are not a failure.

You are not forgotten.

I know it may not always feel that way, but you are none of those things. Let me remind you what you are.

You are a treasure. Your body and what comes out of it doesn’t change that. You have been made in the image of God! Your value doesn’t change based on what you do or don’t do, have or don’t have.

You are loved so deeply by the One who calls you by name. By the One who catches every tear and can number the hairs on your head. You. Are. Loved.

You are seen. Your family sees you and your friends see you, even if they might not know what to say on this day or any day. They see you. You and your pain do not go unnoticed. And even on the days that it seems like you’ve fooled the world, Jesus sees you. He weeps with you for the injustice you face. His heart breaks when your heart breaks. I so hope that your desires are fulfilled someday, but even if you never have a child, His love for you remains the same. He longs for you to call Him, “Papa,” just like you long for a little one to call you, “Mom.”

Hang in there.

Be brave today. Celebrate the moms you know. Tell your story, and let the women around you tell theirs.





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