When it rains…in January

It rained this week.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but the ground has been frozen for a while now, so when it rained for almost a full day, the water didn’t really have anywhere to go except the basements of many peoples’ homes, including ours.

It wasn’t a disastrous amount by any means. It wasn’t even the whole basement. It was about a quarter of the basement because we have old windows, and it poured in through some of the leaky spots on one of the windows. It could be WAY worse, but it’s still quite an inconvenience.

We have carpet by the window. It isn’t properly installed or anything. It’s just set on a pad on the floor in case we need to take it out. When I first noticed the water, it didn’t seem like it was very much, and I had hoped that it would dry out on its own with the industrial dehumidifier we have down there, but that didn’t happen.

I went downstairs yesterday, and it smelled, so I decided we would have to do something about it. I recruited my sister to help me this morning. We had to roll up the wet carpet and pads and drag them up the stairs. It was exhausting.But it was 50 degrees today, so it had to be done!

The carpet was so long that we had to fold it in half once we had rolled it up. We tried to pick it up just by hugging it in our arms, but after about 2 seconds I realized that wasn’t going to work, so I grabbed a long and thick piece of fabric, slid it in where the fold was in this big roll of carpet, and while I held one end of the fabric and my sister held the other we drug it out of the house and onto the driveway.

Once we had that unrolled to dry out we carried up the soaking wet carpet pads. Using anything I could find in the garage, we propped them up, so all the water would run right off of them. After sitting out all day,  they still weren’t dry, so we left them out overnight. Our driveway looks pretty fancy with everything lined up on it.

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