I turned 27 today. It seems crazy to me, so I can only imagine how crazy it must seem for my parents.

In our house, we like to celebrate birthdays for a whole weekend, and President’s Day made for a THREE DAY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! We had so much fun.

On Saturday, we decided to go to a nearby “ski resort.” I say that loosely because we don’t have mountains in Iowa. We usually go once a year, so we aren’t very good, but we have fun. I snowboard, and Jamin skis.

Even though we spent over an hour and a half waiting in lines throughout the day, it was a beautiful day to be there. It wasn’t too cold, and it snowed for a few hours. We only fell a couple times, which seems like a miracle to me, but when we did fall, it hurt. The ground was solid ice because of the temperature fluctuations we’ve been having lately.

Saturday night was just a night in. We rented A Dog’s Purpose. I cried 5 times.

On Sunday we went to church with my sister, then stole our nieces and took them out to lunch. After dropping the older one off at softball practice, we took the younger one sledding. Sledding is super fun, but every time you go down a big hill, you have to walk BACK up!

After going down about 10 times we gave our legs a rest and built a giant snowman at the bottom of the hill.

This cheap sled was not made for two adults. We’ve had it for a few years, so it had a good long life.

We ate at a new restaurant in town on Sunday night because they have an amazing dessert that you get for FREE on your birthday. It was exactly what I expected.

Jamin and I both had today off. He made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and wrote me a letter. He is the best husband.

After breakfast, I watched Cool Runnings with my sister, then Jamin and I went to Lowe’s to pick up a gift from my dad. I can’t wait to use it. We are going to build a bed frame next month!


We hit up a matinee of the new Maze Runner movie then came home, relaxed, and played with Scouty. She must have known it was my birthday because she isn’t usually a cuddler, but today she cuddled me for probably a collective 2 hours!




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