And Just Like That

I blinked.

That’s what it’s felt like. Just a blink.

But just like that, here we are. It’s been 4 years, and it still feels like yesterday.

I’m forever grateful for this video and the pictures we have with Leeland. There will likely be a day that my memory fails to recall the details not captured through this lens, and on that day, I’ll watch and remember. I’m certain it will all come flooding back to me.


Happy birthday, Leeland. I can only imagine what you would be like, had you been born healthy. Four years old and probably a little wild. You would know your ABCs and how to count, but even more than that I imagine what your little voice would have sounded like singing worship songs to our King. Sometimes it’s the ” what would have beens” that bring tears to my eyes and other times it’s simply remembering how much time has passed since I felt your skin. Sometimes it’s all of it. I look forward to the day I don’t have to imagine your voice anymore. I’ll get to hear you singing with the angels! Love you forever, little boy.


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