37 Weeks – Making a Plan

We had an appointment about a month and a half ago to see if my placenta was still sitting too low. After an ultrasound, my doctor realized that my placenta was just fine, but he saw a small band of scar tissue at the base of my uterus. Finley was also transverse instead of head down. He thought that the scar tissue was preventing him from getting his head down where it should have been. He also noticed that the umbilical cord was dropped down into my pelvis where his head was supposed to be, so I’ve been doing weekly non stress tests to make sure that Finley’s cord isn’t causing any problems being where it is.

Last week we went back to Iowa City to check the status of the band of scar tissue, and it was gone! Thank you, Jesus! Finley is still transverse, though, and his cord is still low where his head should be. My doctor didn’t want to try turning him because of the location of his cord, so he’s still hanging out sideways. There is still a chance that he could turn and get head down – that’s what we are praying for! If he does, I’ll need to go to my local doctor for an ultrasound to make sure his cord moved out of the way and isn’t being compressed. As long as everything looks good, I will be able to deliver naturally.

If he DOESN’T get head down, we are scheduled for a C-section on June 4.

I’m not excited at the thought of a C-section, but I told Jamin that our worst case scenario has only gotten better. At first we didn’t know if I could even get pregnant. Then we were at increased risk of miscarrying. Then our worst case scenario was that my placenta would implant too deeply and I’d end up needing a hysterectomy.

A C-section after all of that doesn’t seem so bad if it means a healthy baby.

We got some great pictures at the most recent ultrasound, and discovered that you can see hair on ultrasound!

We are down to 16 days and can’t wait to hold our boy. I’m so excited to see his full head of hair and his little naked butt. I never looked at Leeland’s butt. That might sound weird, but I wish I had, so I’m going to make sure I look at every part of Finley when he is born.

If you want to be praying with/for us, pray that Finley would be able to safely get head down with his cord out of the way. That’s what we are hoping for 🙂


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