Pray Without Ceasing

A few nights ago my husband and I changed our routine a bit. We normally pray together a few times a week, not counting quick prayers in the morning or at night, and our Bible reading is usually done independently. We are reading through the book of Isaiah together and praying together every day. We made a list of 11 things that we are going to pray for every day. We want to make this a regular thing each day. The last few days have been really great. I love getting to hear his perspective on what we read, and … Continue reading Pray Without Ceasing

Missing Them

I had a memory pop up on Facebook the other day from 3 years ago. It was this post from when I was pregnant: UPDATE on BABY LEELAND: It’s been almost a month since the last update. That just seems crazy that so much time has gone by. At that time I was 24 weeks and measuring 36 weeks. When we went to Iowa City, the doctors did another ultrasound. They saw that most of the defects that had been present in the first ultrasound were still there, but there is no hole in his heart! They were unable to … Continue reading Missing Them

He Is Still Risen

Millions of people celebrated the coming of a candy bearing rabbit yesterday. I hope that many more millions were celebrating something much bigger – the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. In the days leading up to Sunday, lots of people talked about Jesus. They talked about why Jesus would do what He did and what it means for us. They talked about how He was welcomed upon entering Jerusalem and how the same people that welcomed Him were in the crowd yelling, “crucify him,” only days later. On Friday, people talked about the punishment Jesus would receive on our … Continue reading He Is Still Risen

Fast and Pray

“Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers.” – The Circle Maker We’ve hosted a small group at our house almost every Wednesday for over a year, and I love it. We have become a family. I love that everyone feels comfortable showing up any time and walking right in. I love that we can be authentic, provide support when things are hard, and celebrate together when things are good. We decided about a month ago to do a prayer experiment. My husband had just finished reading The Circle Maker (I just started reading it) and proposed that everyone … Continue reading Fast and Pray