Going Under the Knife

I’m having surgery tomorrow. Time has really flown by in the waiting, but the day is almost here. My doctor will cut out the scar tissue in my uterus. There is a lot of uncertainty with this surgery. Will they be able to remove everything? Will the scar tissue come back? Will those raw places cause issues for me in the future? I could stew on these questions and about a million more, but it wouldn’t help me. Worrying won’t add a single hour to my life. So right now, I’m not worrying. I’m trusting that God is going to … Continue reading Going Under the Knife

Creative Shoe Storage

Living in a small house with little space for storage means you have to get creative sometimes. Our back entryway is tiny, and it’s also the entrance to the basement, so having shoes there and trying to open doors is difficult and pretty frustrating. This is my most recent idea: Coat hooks! You can’t use just any coat hooks, though. They need to be at least 2″ long and point upwards rather than just straight out. I am so excited to not be tripping over shoes anymore every time I walk in the door! Continue reading Creative Shoe Storage


I’ve been fascinated by the idea of a tiny house ever since I first heard about them. I know my husband couldn’t live full time in one of them, but he says it would be cool to have one as a camper of sorts. Maybe we will have one some day, but if not, that’s okay, too. We don’t have a big house – it’s just shy of 1,000 sq ft – so I like to keep it organized. My rule is everything needs a home or it can’t stay, and it has worked really well so far. Lately, though, I have been … Continue reading Working