Identity – In the Garden

The last 2 weeks at church have focused on our identities as men and women. Q touched the tip of the iceberg, but if you can get this, I believe you’ll have a great foundation for digging deeper into who God has made you to be.

Hope City Church is changing the world, one heart at a time. For sure listen to videos 2 & 3. You won’t regret it!

Big Big Families

 I grew up in a pretty big family. I’m number 5 of 7 kids. My parents are divorced and both are remarried, which adds another level of extended family on both sides. I always felt like I had a big family, especially compared to other people who were, for example, only children.

But then the Lord did something. I think this whole thing started about two years ago. My husband’s dad had died recently, and we had discovered I was pregnant. We had friends coming out of the woodwork to come alongside us and support us through all of it. I realized something that I thought I had always known, but I guess had never experienced before: Continue reading “Big Big Families”