Fast and Pray

“Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers.” – The Circle Maker

We’ve hosted a small group at our house almost every Wednesday for over a year, and I love it. We have become a family. I love that everyone feels comfortable showing up any time and walking right in. I love that we can be authentic, provide support when things are hard, and celebrate together when things are good.

We decided about a month ago to do a prayer experiment. My husband had just finished reading The Circle Maker (I just started reading it) and proposed that everyone pick something to fast from and one thing that they wanted prayer for. We all then committed to pray for everyone’s one thing every day. Within the first week, one of prayer requests was resolved. There have been a few more since then.

I’ve always known that prayer is powerful, but it has been really cool to have 12 people praying for all of the same things together and to see results.

Big Big Families

 I grew up in a pretty big family. I’m number 5 of 7 kids. My parents are divorced and both are remarried, which adds another level of extended family on both sides. I always felt like I had a big family, especially compared to other people who were, for example, only children.

But then the Lord did something. I think this whole thing started about two years ago. My husband’s dad had died recently, and we had discovered I was pregnant. We had friends coming out of the woodwork to come alongside us and support us through all of it. I realized something that I thought I had always known, but I guess had never experienced before: Continue reading “Big Big Families”