Camping with Friends

Two weeks ago Jamin and I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of our friends we rarely see. Not only did we get to hang out with them, but we camped and spent 3 days together! Jamin lived with Derik for almost 7 years before we got married, and Derik is married, too, so it’s so fun to do couple things with them!

I’m all for tent camping, but I hate being hot and sweaty, so if I’m going to camp in the summer, it needs to be in a camper. It just so happened that Derik’s parents have an RV and wanted us to take it for the weekend. Continue reading “Camping with Friends”

Weekend Adventures

Holy smokes. Last weekend was so full!

My husband and I ran some errands Friday night to get ready for the rest of the weekend. It was our town’s annual celebration. The park near our house is where all of the festivities happen, so we don’t usually get much sleep since the beer garden and live music close down around 1am.

It poured Friday night, though, so we didn’t have to be up too late. Saturday morning was the co-ed softball tournament followed by the parade. I’ve figured out the best way to get the most candy at parades. It’s crazy how well it works.

I didn’t play softball in high school, but Continue reading “Weekend Adventures”

My Weekend

Jessica and Michelle are my oldest friends. We have been friends for about 15 years. We’ve lived in different cities since 2007, but have stayed in touch. Jessica and I were pregnant at the same time, and we took belly pictures together. She is due in August with her second, and Michelle’s daughter was born a year ago.

It’s not uncommon for friends to grow apart as they grow up, get married, or have kids, and it’s happened to me a lot. Even though I’ve grown apart from quite a few people, I will always consider them my friends. But by some miracle, the opposite has happened with Michelle and Jessica. We’ve all gone back and forth across the state to see each other more in the last 2 years than we ever have in the past. Having kids and Continue reading “My Weekend”

Leap Day!

Today isn’t leap day, but I’ve been way too busy to write for almost a week now.

This weekend I learned that I have more endurance and skills than I ever thought.

My friend of almost 20 years got married on Monday (Leap Day!!). She needed her dress altered, and asked me to help. I taught myself to sew about a year ago, so I didn’t really feel qualified to do it, but two days and three really late nights later, it was done. And I can’t even believe I had anything to do with it! It looked so amazing!!!!

It was a crazy weekend full of laughs, trips to craft stores, and pictures of babies. It was exhausting, and it was so worth it! I am so honored that I got to play a part in her special day 🙂 I am completely amazed that I was able to stay up until 4:30am two days in a row without turning into a zombie.

And I am so thankful that, although we are 4 hours away from each other and we don’t get to talk often, we still remain close.