I was sitting on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come back in, when the tears began to fall. I spoke. Not just to myself, but out loud, so the one I hate – the one who hates me and wants to destroy me – could hear what I had to say.

“You will not steal my joy. You will not make me despair. You will not ruin my marriage. You will not destroy me. You will not make me lose hope. I will STILL proclaim the goodness of the Lord! You will not win because HE already has.”

“You will not win because He already has.”


When I got to the office and told the doctor I wasn’t Continue reading “Breaking”

We Can Never Say It All

A good friend and I were talking the other day about life – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I love when I can have real conversations about real life.

We talked about depression, anxiety, loss, love, growth, passions, opportunities, and struggles. And after we had talked for a while, I said, “Man, we could talk forever and we would never be able to say it all.”

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God’s Unexpected Provision

WE’RE HOME!!!!! We got back this evening after spending all of last week with a small team at an orphanage in Haiti. I’ll write more about our time there in the days to come, but I want to share a bit about our trip back home because things didn’t go as planned.

The plan was to leave Haiti on Friday on a 2:30pm flight, go through customs in Miami, then fly to Charlotte, NC at 7:10pm. We would overnight there because we couldn’t find any return flights that didn’t have us overnight somewhere, and that was the cheapest route. We would just sleep in the airport, so we could save money. Then we would fly to Minneapolis Saturday morning and finish the drive back home.

The first complication didn’t even happen at an airport; it happened when Continue reading “God’s Unexpected Provision”