The Mysterious Disappearance of Pursuit

I’ve heard marriage described as a beautiful example of Christ’s love for the Church, and, before I got married, I probably believed that completely, but I have since learned that sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes marriage isn’t a beautiful example because married people are not more perfect than unmarried people. Do I think that marriage has the potential to be a beautiful example of Christ’s love for the Church? Absolutely, but to leave out the rest of it seems a bit dishonest and irresponsible. Continue reading “The Mysterious Disappearance of Pursuit”

A Husband Who Cooks

I don’t enjoy cooking. I really wish I did since it’s sort of necessary for survival, but I don’t. Some relationships have two people that love cooking – great for them. Some relationships have one person who hates cooking and one that enjoys it – good for them. And then there are relationships, like mine, where both people don’t like cooking and only do it because they have to – not so great for us.

I do most of the cooking in the house just because I am used to it. I know the recipes and can make things efficiently, so it just makes sense, but I’ve been getting overwhelmed. I don’t want to do all the cooking. Because it’s Continue reading “A Husband Who Cooks”


We have been really busy most evenings for a few weeks, and it has been making it difficult to write, but I’m back at it.

My husband’s birthday was last week.

We didn’t do much the day of, but we took a little weekend trip to Des Moines a few days later. We visited the zoo, saw the new Star Trek, and, most importantly, hit up the Cheesecake Factory!

We stayed with some friends and got to catch up with them and play with their kids. It was a really good weekend.


Father’s Day: Life, Death, and a Choice

This is Amy’s husband, Jamin. She asked me to post on her blog since it’s Father’s Day, and I am a father. I’m not the “normal” father that looks forward to a new tie, beard trimmer, or a dress shirt. I’m also not the father that gets to look forward to misspelled cards saying, “Happy Father’s Day,” after they have been translated from “Apey Farthurz Daiy!” As you may already now, I only have one child – a son – Leeland. I could not be more proud to be His daddy. It baffles me that he was only born two years ago, but people from all over the world know his story and have interacted with Jesus because of his life…and he never even took a single breath while on this earth. Even though Continue reading “Father’s Day: Life, Death, and a Choice”

Happy Father’s Day, Love

Happy Father’s Day, Love.

You are an amazing dad, and honestly, you should have celebrated this day long before our son was born.

You were a father when we were doing youth ministry. You loved the kids we worked with. You taught them, laughed with them, cried with them. You introduced them to their Father in heaven, and spoke truth into their lives. You dealt with drama and welcomed kids with open arms when others would have run away because hormonal teens can be comparable to bears coming out of hibernation.

You modeled Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day, Love”

I Just Needed To Cry With Him

Last night I was in some kind of funk. It started in the afternoon.

I don’t know what triggered it or why it happened, but I was grumpy and in a bad mood, and I hate when that happens! I hate it because I know that when I’m in a mood like that I’m not nice to my husband.

That’s part of marriage, though. Vows should include something like this: “I promise to love you forever, even when I see the worst parts of you. When you’re a grump and no one knows why, I will remember that Continue reading “I Just Needed To Cry With Him”

Valentine’s Day With My Best Friend

I’ve never been crazy about Valentine’s Day because, aside from being a friend’s birthday, it’s just a normal day.

I don’t need extravagant displays of affection one day out of the year – I want a deep and steady love every day of the year.

Today I spent the day with my best friend in the whole world. We got Wendy’s to go, watched Age of Adeline, then we watched Dumb and Dumber To. We made ourselves chocolate covered strawberries because I refuse to buy 10 premade for the cost of 3 packages of berries. We told each other Continue reading “Valentine’s Day With My Best Friend”