Letters to my Boy

Tomorrow – I can hardly believe I’m saying this – Finley will be ONE YEAR OLD!

When I was pregnant, one of my friends had the idea to get a journal and pass it around among our friends. Each week of my pregnancy, someone would write a letter to Finley and what they were praying for him during that week. When she was pregnant, my friend’s mom did this for her, writing letters to her granddaughters.

One of my love languages (from the 5 Love Languages) is words of affirmation, so for my friends to write to my baby made me feel incredibly loved by them, but also made me feel how much they loved my baby before he was even born.

After he was born, I was given the journal to keep and, someday, give to Finley. I was sad that a little over half the journal was still empty, though, so I had an idea.

Every 6 months, would write a letter to Finley. I would share little stories about things that happened, ways he was growing, things he was learning, how I was feeling, and what my prayers were for him during that time and for his future. I love writing these letters!

I wrote in the book today for his birthday and looked back at what I wrote right after he was born:

I’m not sure I have the words for this. The first time I saw your face, I just wept. You were all wrapped up, so your face was all I could see. You were so precious! Then your dad showed me pictures while I was recovering. I couldn’t have imagined what you would look like. I thought maybe you would look like Leeland – and in some ways, you did a little – but you look like Finley!

For hours, I thought about your sweet face. One of a kind. Never seen before. Just perfectly you. 

Having a baby is so strange and wonderful. I loved you so much before you were born, but hardly knew you. I knew you liked music – you would wiggle when I held my phone to my belly. You liked to be active in the morning, around 1pm and 11pm. 

Then I SAW you, and all that love finally had a face to go to. You were like a little stranger and not, all at the same time.

The first time I held you, I wanted to freeze time. My arms couldn’t believe what they held. I put your cheek to mine and just breather you in. I had waited so long for you. We could’ve lost you. But there you were – your warm cheek pressed to mine.

Little boy, I hope you ALWAYS know what a treasure you are. What a miracle you are. Oh, my heart could burst. You are worth all the fear and pain from your delivery. You are worth the scar on my belly and the stretch marks that will be with me still when I’m old. 

My son.

I didn’t think I would ever get you. 

My son, this book is filled with love for you. People you know and people you don’t prayed daily for you while you were in my belly. The miracle of you was not lost on any of us. I pray you have many years ahead of you, and I hope you take Jesus with you through all of them. I pray for you to have resolute surety of your Heavenly Father and His love for you. And that you would know He can handle whatever you bring to Him. He isn’t put off by your sadness or anger or doubt. 

My sweet little baby, if I fail at everything else as your mother, I hope I succeed at ushering you into the loving embrace of Jesus. I hope I teach you His faithfulness. I hope I teach you that He is enough. And I hope that when you search for your identity and long for someone to tell you who you are, that you would find those answers in Him because He is the only one who will always get it right. 

Oh, my little love. It’s the greatest honor to be your mama. I hope I do you justice.